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with Corinne Alphen
Certified in Advanced Tarot Card Reading

About Penthouse model and Tarot Reader Corinne Alphen

Tarot Card Reading Teacher      Corinne Alphen Telephone Tarot Card Reading

Welcome to My-Tarot-Reading, I am Corinne Alphen from Lynn, Massachusetts.  I am a Tarot card reader and a Tarot card reading teacher.  I was a mother, wife, model and actress.  I am very grateful for my simple yet, not so ordinary life.

I'm easy going, laid back and down to earth.  I love my cats, moose, the woods, mountains and lakes.  You'll find me camping, kayaking, stacking-wood, snow shoeing, or taking a sleigh ride.  A perfect day?  Next to a roaring fire in my wood burning stove, I am sitting in my winged back chair, cats at my feet, and happily giving a tarot card reading on the telephone. 
I have always been attracted to the mysteries of the Tarot cards and fascinated by Tarot card readers.  I was a little girl when I had my first Tarot card reading.  My dream was to become a Tarot card reader, an actress and fall deeply in love.  Today I am a certified Tarot card reader and teach others to how to read Tarot cards.  My Tarot training is from the The Tarot School of New York, where I have received two certifications in advanced Tarot card reading.

I have loved and have been passionately and unconditionally loved back.  With sixteen years of acting technique training in New York and California, I have acted in theatre in New York as well as in movies and television on both coasts.  My modeling and acting assignments took me to Japan, South Africa, Italy, London, Paris, South America, Mexico, Canada and all across the United States.  The parties, the limos, the celebrities, the nightclubs and the unexpected insane publicity!  It was a dizzying, glamorous and surreal time in my life.  How did this happen to me, a small town girl?








I believe it's a combination of my birth cards; The Sun, The Wheel of Fortune, and The Magician.

Owner's of The Tarot School of New York, Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone are both Tarot Grand Masters & Tarot Card Reading Teachers.


Also, there is the fact that I am a Libra, born in the Chinese-Year-Of-The Horse.  I cannot be controlled or reigned in and have never set boundaries for myself.  I have no interest in conforming as I am an intense individualist.  The Justice Tarot card is ruled by Libra.

"Iron fist in a velvet glove"

Photo by Jean Marc Auclair

And then there is my genetic imprint...
'Daddy,' Deputy Chief of Police (aries) a strong, handsome and fearless risk taker who is honorable, intelligent and always direct.  'Mommy' (cancer) was considered the prettiest girl at Salisbury Beach and called "The Body,"  She is cheerful, sensitive and a giving mother who always loves having fun and yet a lioness when protecting her family and home.  'Mommy'  is a very caring and charming person who love's her Tarot card readings.  Add my glamorous grandmother 'Grammie La La' (libra) with her timeless beauty and adorable eccentricities, and you end up with me.

My girlfriends enjoy my Mae West sense of humor.  We carry on and howl and scream with laughter!  We have shared AMAZING times together.  They love it when I give them Tarot Card Readings.

My brothers Billy, Scott, and Glenn think I'm a goofball. My dad William Alphen shakes his head, mom Marjorie giggles and my sister Robin and I just have a ball!  My sister is a Tarot card reader, a Tarot card teacher, and my Tarot inspiration.

The Alphen family, one of a kind and wouldn't have it any other way.







This section is dedicated to my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother
whom I love most dearly love. 


The Sun Tarot Card
"My ray-of-sunshine, Ray-Dog, Ray-Dizzle
Big-Lou, Big-Love, Big-Talent!"

I'm a loving mother, a devoted sister and doting daughter.  I was a faithful and adoring wife, "Love Is Always Going To Look Just Like You."  These are my true accomplishments.

Having lived fast, hard and fabulous (been there done that), I have experienced significant and expansive change.  I am loved therefore I am successful.  I challenge myself to step out of ego, touch the hearts of others and experience the joy and fulfillment of making a difference in peoples lives.  I have been blessed with the gift of Tarot card reading. Tarot is making this journey to my higher self and inner wisdom come true!

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