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Telephone Tarot Card Readings - Tarot Certifications

Tarot Degree Programs

Official Tarot Recognition

The Tarot School regards the learning of Tarot as an education with many facets, each reflecting the student and the world from a different perspective. In recognition of the value of focused and extended study, The Tarot School grants a Tarot degree in each of the following program facets:

  • Tarot Divination Skills
  • The Tarot Correspondence Course
  • Tarot Teleclass Program

Tarot school degrees are an official recognition of extensive Tarot studies satisfactorily completed, and are also preparations and initiations for further Tarot study.

Telephone Tarot Card Readings - Tarot Certifications   Telephone Tarot Card Readings - Tarot Certifications
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Telephone Tarot Card Readings - Tarot Certifications

One of the most frequent topics of questions to ATA is Tarot certification.

What is Tarot Certification?
The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines the word “certify” as “to attest as being true or as represented or as meeting a standard.”  Thus, Tarot certification is proof that you have mastered a set of skills in a field.

Do I have to get certified to be a Tarot card reader?
No, Tarot certification is entirely optional.

Why should I get Tarot certified?
Being Tarot certified can reassure your clients that you’re a professional Tarot card reader, and that you have the skills needed for the job. Even if you never plan on Tarot card reading for anyone but yourself, Tarot card reading certification can serve as a way to measure your Tarot progress.

How do I get Tarot certified?
In general, you will need to pay a fee and pass some sort of Tarot card reading proficiency test. You may be asked to provide written proof of your Tarot skills, or to perform Tarot card readings and answer Tarot questions over the phone or in person. The exact Tarot card reading requirements and fee structures for each Tarot certification level vary from Tarot agency to Tarot agency

Mission Statement of the American Board for Tarot Certification

Telephone Tarot Card Readings - Tarot CertificationsThe mission of the American Board for Tarot Certification is to provide the highest level of professional and ethical standards for the Tarot Community. Our goals are to help provide a support network for Tarot card readers, to encourage continued Tarot education in all forms, and to provide a means of assurance for prospective clients that Tarot card readers have the Tarot skills necessary to provide a quality Tarot card reading.


Telephone Tarot Card Readings - Tarot CertificationsWelcome to the Tarot Certification Board of America. Our Tarot mission is to provide a platform for Tarot card readers to achieve their professional Tarot aspirations. We of the TCBA endeavor to raise the standard for the legitimacy of the Tarot community.

The Tarot Certification Board of America is a non-profit organization which supports professional Tarot card readers. Qualified individuals may be certified as Tarot Apprentices, Tarot Consultants, Tarot Instructors, Tarot Masters and Tarot Grandmasters.

We've created a way for the Tarot community to display their Tarot knowledge and Tarot card reading skills with honesty and conviction. We seek the collective Tarot knowledge of those in our field and hope that by doing so, we may enrich the lives of those who pass through our virtual Tarot doors. Please join us in Tarot excellence!

Corinne Alphen
Certified in Tarot Card Reading
Tarot Card Reading Teacher

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