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Corinne Alphen Telephone Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Readings

with Corinne Alphen
Certified in Advanced Tarot Card Reading

  • I promise that your telephone Tarot card readings with me is in the strictest of confidence and absolutely private.

  • I have always respected other’s religious beliefs and I will honor your individual spiritual path.  I will help you to recognize the beautiful person within you through your telephone Tarot card readings with me.

  • It is with pure intent that the telephone Tarot card readings you experience with me is for your highest good.  I will give you my full attention and will always assist you in actively participating in our reading together.  You will find me to be honest, direct, and playful with a fun sense of humor.

  • I am not allowed to advise you on financial, psychological, medical or legal matters.  I will encourage you to seek advice from the appropriate professionals.

  • Through the ancient wisdom of the Tarot and with an open heart and a solid core of integrity, I will inspire, point out, suggest and guide you so that you are consciously making smart, powerful and effective choices towards your positive future.

  • I hold myself to the highest standards of Tarot.  I dedicate myself to a lifetime of the study of Tarot.  I will strive to continue certifying my knowledge and skills to the best of my ability.

  • I am an interpreter of the Tarot cards.  The Creator has bestowed upon me the gifts of insight, knowledge and compassion. In our reading together we can find solutions, overcome obstacles and illuminate the life path that you are presently on so that you have clarity and a full understanding of what is needed to move you forward to a happy, fulfilling and productive life.

  • I will not coerce my clients into making any additional purchases besides our telephone Tarot card reading.

  • I have the right to stop a telephone Tarot card reading for any prospective client if their behavior is deemed by me to be inappropriate or their conversation is making me feel uncomfortable.  I am a professional Tarot card reader and expect courtesy in return.

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