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Corinne Alphen Telephone Tarot Card Reading



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 Tarot Card Readings by Rita Tarot is a form of counseling.  The tale you are told by the Tarot Reader is similar to a myth or parable.  It describes a journey that mirrors your Life Path.  Usually the story is a direct description of what is going to happen tomorrow.  The true purpose of the cards is to construct a future narrative so that you can make decisions to change your fate.  URL - http://www.tarot-rita.com 

The DeadGirl (cool) Tarot. Author/Artist: "littledeadgirl."  A special thanks and appreciation to The DeadGirl for "The Cool Tarot Card Deck."

Catharinas Tarot Trumps.Author. Catharina
This tarot is a strangely beautiful fusion of assorted imagery which successfully incorporates both Native American and mythical images. The cards echo Pamela Smiths (Rider-Waite) depictions for the Major Arcana. They have a mystical, magical, quality and are set within wide shadowed golden frames.  Thank You Catharina.

The Mystereum Tarot by Jordan Hoggard is a bright, new star in the skies of the tarot world! A vibrant pouring of body into mind-spirit. Delightfully evocative, flowing geometries of vibrant color and energetic images conducive to meditation and divination. . .The seat for the mind gifted by the Mystereum Tarot makes for a wonderful ride. . . a mindbodybeautiful experience. . .A must-have deck!



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