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Corinne Alphen Telephone Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Readings

with Corinne Alphen
Certified in Advanced Tarot Card Reading

Corinne Alphen Telephone Tarot Card Reading
Corinne Alphen Telephone Tarot Card Reading


"Corinne Alphen explains the field of Tarot in a caring, educated manner and shares the results of her readings with documented explanations that are fun and easy to understand!"
- Laurie Ann Porter
Moultonborough, NH

"Thank You Corinne,  Being a 2 tour combat vet, (Vietnam), followed by globe trotting para-military, Law Enforcement and topped off Cowboying for 20 years in Wyoming, should certainly raise eyebrows on many as they ask, WHY SHOULD THIS INDIVIDUAL SEEK OUT THIS KNOWLEDGE??? Legit question. It came as a simple recommendation from a close trustworthy friend to whom I owe a thanks..... Skeptical?, Reluctant? Of course! Curious? Naturally! Impressed?. After overcoming the obvious, much more than merely impressed. In Cowboy speak it was a "BOY HOWDY" experience! Virtually impossible to put a word or phrase to how well my life has improved since Corinne put my train wreck back on track. I not only think, I am convinced she helped! I am looking forward to our next contact with a child like anticipation of a nearing holiday.
Can't THANK YOU enough Corinne!"

- Billy Cody (Wyoming Cowboy Association)
Wyoming, USA

"Thank you for being the hit of my super bowl party. You were so sparkly and fun! My guests were thrilled with their Tarot readings. I love the fact that you dress the part. You truly looked like a walking goddess. I really think you made quite an impact on the three teenage girls. They all came out of their readings glowing and very excited about their future goals and plans. Even the men got into it. They loved it! Thanks again and I'll see you at my next party."
- Marianne McGraw (Nurse)
Salem, Massachusetts

"Well - I'm a block mason in Florida - not the kinda guy to call a Tarot reader - my house mate goaded me into it. I though she was a nut -but it turned out to be a good idea. I don't really believe in fortune telling or religion or any other stuff like that - so I was real surprised and happy at how exact it was! The reading I got from you - the past you nailed it - the present was right on - most of what you said about the future has come true - so I'm waiting on the rest of it, and expect it will be true too. I guess I've got to say that now I believe in you and those Tarot cards - doesn't mean I believe in other stuff though. I'm a show-me kind of guy and you showed me! I'll definitely do more readings with you. I want to know more stuff that's going to happen. Thanks Corinne"
- Rob Mumford

"Corinne, I don't make a habit of writing and thanking people, but I just have to thank you. When I called for my reading, I was at at very pivotal point in my life - and frozen - not making a move in any direction. I was overwhelmed by every aspect of my life. You tuned right into what I've been through in the past and what I'm going through right now, it was like you really knew.!!! It makes me pay real attention to everything you said about my future cards - their meanings and nuances and how it relates to my life and the choices I need to make. I have to say that after talking to you and listening to what the cards had to say - I've begun to move forward and no longer feel overwhelmed - things are much brighter and your readings showed me that I am so much stronger that I gave myself credit for - I've gone through a lot and came out a better person for it. Your reading was really uplifting and I'm smiling, looking forward to a bright future that your reading has given me the courage to bring about!! Thank You."
- Alanna D (Condominium Manager)
Englewood, Florida

"Corinne, I believe in you, you are my guiding light, my confidant. When I'm feeling weak, scared or down and I know I need help, having you read the cards for me always helps me find my inner confidence. You've shown me that it's always been there all along. You are amazing!! When I hang up from your reading I am so happy, You have given me such strong images and visualizations that I have been able to fall back on in my times of deep fear and doubt. Those images instantly trigger my inner confidence. What I'm saying is real. I have a very strong personality and have been to therapists and have had many psychics read for me but they have not been able to penetrate that wall - that hard exterior. You softly walked right through the wall. It's as if you see right inside me. You are so insightful, you see who I really am.
-- My friends and I are still a little freaked out. We couldn't find a very valuable wallet, full of credit cards and money. We were in a total panic and had torn the house apart looking for it. I called you for help. You drew one card and after studying it carefully you told me exactly where to find the wallet, outside near the man-made pond. We still can't believe it! I want to thank you Corinne, for everything, and I'm so glad it doesn't matter where I am because I can always get a reading from you on the telephone. God Bless"

- Debra Bianco (Environmentalist)
Mailbu, California

"I have had three readings with Corinne and I cannot believe how close she has been in seeing where my life is at each time. The readings with Corinne have made my life happier and helped me to believe in myself again. I look forward to more Tarot readings with her. I think her readings are right on target!"
- Mike Dubois (Construction Foreman)
Conway, NH

"I've known Corinne for over twenty years. She's a treasure chest full of wisdom, humor and empathy. Whenever I have had problems with men, she is the one I would turn to for advice. Corinne has a unique ability and the instinctual knowledge to cut right to the heart of the matter. She can help get you on the right path. She can feel and see things we don't. Whenever I was in deep pain, she could make me laugh at myself and help me see my way through the dark."

" Corinne, with her powerful insight will use the Tarot to lead you to the truth and guide you to empowerment and a more fulfilling life. Don't wait. Call now and move into a new world of enlightenment."


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Telephone Tarot Card Readings with Corinne Alphen